entertaining series centering around a POC

Burning Emerald - Jaime Reed

This book picks up right where the second left off. Through an unusual turn of events Sam finds herself befriending a powerful real life Incubus,Tobias who wants one thing and one thing only....to bond with the cambion spirit she carries.

Between the first and the second book, i preferred the first. Caleb was barely in this one and Tobias, the antagonist was to crazy to really like him as a love interest.The reason i loved the first book was because there was no damn love triangle, but the second book successfully annoys me by adding one.

The events in the book were interesting and gave a better backstory to the history of what a Cambion is and what their society is like,but i would have liked more.

There are some underlying issues that I prolly will never get about this book. For starters, Sam the lead protagonist seems to have some bi-racial superior complex. She's black when it's convenient and Bi-racial when it comes to her "outstanding beauty". I for one know that being a bi racial and being a black person isn't always a separate matter. But the character seems to have some kind of arrogance when it comes to being bi racial. For instance when she describes a black woman, it's almost never flattering. But when she describes a white character or herself, she praises having the "ideal complexion". First of all, I'm a chocolate skinned afro latina and there is nothing unflattering about my complexion. There is no such thing as an ideal complexion. My boyfriend is Bi-racial and he doesn't have an ideal complexion, he's just as white as a typical white person. So to me it seems as though the author has some insecurities she needs to deal with. If it had not been for that light skinned superiority complex, I would have totally related to Sam.

Despite my 3.5 stars, I'm really invested in this series. While I'm not in love with the lead protagonist, just the fact that it centers around a POC and has an interesting cover that isn't a race fail, I will be reading more work by Jamie Reed!