Princesses Don't Fight in Skirts - Aya Ling I had the opportunity to beta read for this upcoming novel and I absolutely loved it!!! If you liked the first book, you'll really love this one!!! It's so action packed, a big change of pace from Princesses don't get fat.At first I wasn't sure I would like Arianna. She's spoiled, conceited and so full of herself that I just didn't think for one minute that she could become a warrior maid. Even she didn't want to become one, all she wanted was to be beautiful, married and fashionable; so at first I wrote her off. But Arianna showed a lot of growth throughout the story. Yes she was still self centered, conceited and full of herself but by the middle of the book she grew to be likable. There are a lot of great new supporting characters. The women are hella strong in this book, it made me wanna go pick up a sword and become a battle maiden!!! I also liked the return of the characters I loved in the first book!!!Overall Princesses don't fight in skirts was a really strong sequel with tons of action. You really don't have to read the first book to follow this book, but since there are returning characters it would be helpful if you did!I really liked Prince James. He was so different from his older brother Ralph, who appeared in the first book. He was an eccentric prince and I loved that about him ;)I look forward to her next book!!!