Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes Illl say the book started out kinda dull to me. I put it down almost three times and took me about 6 months to finish it. Mind you I prolly read about ten books in between. But I think what made me so unhappy with the first half of the book was that there weren't a whole lot of explanations to why things were happening. Hellhounds? Zombies? Vampires? Really??? The side characters were okay. Skylar was cool but had a hard time envisioning her and her brothers. I liked that she had this large family with all these useful things about them but elliot was just blah to me. They could have left him out and the book could have carried on without him. Bethany? I liked her back story. The popular girl who seems she has everything really has issues. Zev seemed cool until I found out what he was, it just had me going, REALLY??? He really had a chance to shine and that's what she decided to make him? I suppose he was the love interest but the book focused little on that. Which was refreshing cause too many times the girl can't. Think straight because of some guyAll in all I give the book 3 starts. I enjoyed it towards the end but it took too long for the events to become compelling and interesting