Ember (Ember #1) - Madison Daniel gotta say the reviews for this book sold me on a dream. I bought this book off the glowing reviews alone. On both goodreads AND amazon this title got nothing but 4-5 star reviews, so I was expecting a well written, well developed masterpiece by an amazing author who has a promising career ahead of him. Only know do i realize that page at 262 how wrong I was.What I got was a book that has been falsely advertised as a professional urban fantasy.This book doesn't even deserve to replace the phone book I have set in place under my unlevel kitchen table. Not only was the book slow at pacing, poor at character development and struggled to keep me interested with it's thin, humdrum storyline; IT WAS FILLED WITH SO MANY ERRORS!To call it professional would be an insult to all books sitting on the shelves on many peoples' homes. The writing was at best, Horrible.This author does not know to properly write a story. He often told actions instead of showing them. I kid you not, there had to be 15 to 20 grammatical errors, misuse of words and unnecessary use of punctuation on every page. It was almost impossible to get through the book with this many issues.The plot was probably the second worst thing i hated about the book. The characters were written vain and unrealistic. The lead character was just stuck on stupid and I could not feel for him.His two love interests? I swear I wanted to blow Asia's head off because she was this insecure, spoiled little brat that other than her looks had almost no appeal. The one positive thing I will say is that i kinda liked his other love interest Sam, but she just couldn't see that Max was an idiot not worth her precious time.In the beginning I was rooting for them; but in the end I just wanted her to wake up and leave Max to be miserably in love with Asia.And let's not forget their X-Men abilities. Apparently Max could ignite flames from his body, and Asia could control storms, rain, the weather; You name it! But there was absolutely no explanation on how they were even bestowed these powers. Was there some kind of radioactive explosion? Are they part of some government experiment project that injected babies with superhuman genetics? The answer is I DON'T KNOW because there was absolutely no logical reason they were able to do the things that they could do!!!I hate to give a book a bad review but this book could have easily been put through the developmental editing process to help improve the story. And I know editing is expensive but it's worth it when you see the final project. I may have given this book a 3 had they had taken the necessary steps to make this book really shine.It makes me wonder if any of these reviews are reputable since no one mentioned the obvious things wrong with the book!!!The original location of this review can be seen here.http://guinandlibertadtomas.blogspot.com/p/our-reviews.html