Reaper's Novice (Soul Collector, #1) - Cecilia Robert I first heard about this book via amazon after endless searching for people of color on ya books. The cover definitely speaks for what I love in books , which is diversity, so I jumped on the chance when the author offered it to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion.The book deals with a young Viennese girl who after a tragic accident with her family offers her soul to the grim reaper in exchange for a second chance with her family. I've never gotten a chance to read a book like this so it was refreshing to dive into a world of the dead and the dying. It's a great sway away from the insane amount of vampire, werewolf, angel , demon and dystopian novels I've read in the past. What I'm not in love with: The author doesn't spend a whole lot if time describing what the characters look like. I think the lead character is bi racial and judging by the cover i take it she's at least a brown girl but I really don't know. I don't know what her BFF , her boyfriend or Siegfried really looked like. So I had a hard time imagining any guy she described as handsome. I would have liked a clearer picture on the characters.Siegfried : I liked him but wasn't in love with him. He just came off as weird to me. Not charming not dashing just cocky and weird. I would have liked for him to resemble a believable young man. Instead he came off as a little creepy and full of himself.Sometimes I was confused since the setting was in Austria , there were a lot of terms in German. It wasn't a deal breaker just confusing. This isn't something I hated, because its rare that an author chooses a lively city to set a story, it's usually some boring small town farm city, so I liked the change of scenery.The book was edited well enough but I did catch a few mistakes here and there. But for an indie book it's definitely one of the best edited books I've read so far. It wasn't enough to take me out if the story :)My last issue: sometimes she was referred to as Ana other times silviana , so I'm not sure if I missed it but I can't remember if Silviana was her name or not. Only her mom called her it , it seemed like, but I wish I would have gotten an indication like "Silviana is a name I was born with but only my mom calls me that". Because at first I would always think they were talking about another person.What I liked:I think I remember the lead character describing herself as curvy. That in itself is rare in ya because writers seem to think writing a girl that's willowy is just the standard. It was nice to read about a girl who had a different body type and she seemed confident enough . Really comfortable in her own skin.I think what u most appreciated about this book was the relationship with her family. After becoming a reapers novice , she really started to value and appreciate her family. Too often than not family is always missing from ya fantasy novels, as if teenagers can carry on on their own with no rules. Her parents were much involved in the story and I especially loved her role as big sister to her siblings.The concept: I'm not goina lie the concept if this book was definitely unique, and painted a different type of underworld. I'm really drawn to stories that feature that theme but in ya books its a little harder to find, so one of the main reasons I found this book awesome!I think I really wanted to give this book a 3.75 but given the fact that that's closer to 4 than it is 3 , I went on ahead and gave it a four. I will be buying the paperback copy as well as the second book when it comes out because I'm dying to know what happens next!