Prodigy - Marie Lu In my opinion the storyline was solid and the plot was good, but at times I put it down because I felt as though it slowed down on the action. Sure there action but not like Legend. Some details I saw as predictable but I still very much enjoyed it anyways. Perhaps switching point of views every other chapter worked better in the first book to me. Sometimes i felt as though they spent way too much on June. I think it did a pretty good job on June's development. I read on a few posts some people didn't see June as likable and perhaps I was one of them. She came off as much more human to me in this book. She was just too full of herself in Legend, so It was nice to see her humble up and live life on the slums for a bit.As far as Day, he'll remain my fave character in the series.He's selfless and cares about things that matter. Some tension was added to his life by attempting to fit Tess in as a love interest but this just did not work for me!I saw her as a kid so her being so aggressive made her come off as bitter because Day didn't want her.Can't a guy and a girl just ever be friends without romantic feelings being involved?Secondary characters like Anden and Kaede were shining stars to me, Kaede is a kickass heroine and i believe there were more layers to her than the first book. Anden was so idealistic and I felt bad for him because there were so little people he could trust. I'm going to have a love hate relationship always with Day's appearance. I envision him fully asian, no blond hair, no blue eyes, but I know that he's written that way so I'm wrong.I'm always going to complain that Day doesn't really empower the image of an asian guy because his main features are that of a caucasian male, so it reinforces the stigma that in order to be attractive, you have to look as close to white as possible. I felt like there was a diversity but they were always side characters. None that ever contributed greatly to the plot.This book had every element that makes to pick up a book. A short and catchy title, great cover art and a fantastic blurb.I think Marie Lu is pretty descriptive when she describes characters and she chooses names that are unique but memorable. I look forward to the final chapter of this Saga!