Bait - K.C. Blake, K.C. Blake I was given this book via ebook a while back on a goodreads thread in exchange for a review. I'm never the best at reading ebooks.I only do when there is no other option, so when i got to page 60, i thought "why not just buy the paperback"? So I did.The premise of the book really interested me. The author is heavily influenced by The CW's Supernatural and that's prolly my favorite show to date. But I couldn't help but find this book kind of similar to my favorite tv show.First of all, let me start by saying that I do not dislike this book. I enjoyed it enough to invest in it even after receiving it for free, so this review is solely based on my opinion. I don't claim to be an expert on reviewing books professionally and It'd bum me out if anyone took this as a bad review.Bait follows 16 year old Bay-Lee Van Helsing, daughter to the famous Van Helsing, a hunter and what appeared to be a dean of some sort at a school for hunters. It also follows Nick Gallos, an experienced, legendary hunter with a penchant for rock music and a tortured past. Together they are part of a prophecy that could have a large impact on the world.I think in the first third of the book, the plot really caught my attention. It has a lot of action and characters you either love or hate. But at times I felt as though there was either info dumping or a lack of details, leaving me unsatisfied. Sometimes I knew too much, other times I felt as though I wasn't being told enough. Not sure if that makes sense.Some of the writing seemed a bit common in the realm of YA novels, for examples insta-love, a girl that's fallen in love with the first guy she's ever been with and he's like way more experienced than her and the guy starting out to be a jerk. This doesn't bother most readers and I know i'm prolly one of the few that this bothered. Other reviewers didn't mind it, so I hope this doesn't shy away other readers from this book. Bait isn't boring, uninteresting or poorly written at all but I think perhaps this book wasn't my typical style of reading. I didn't connect with Bay-lee because I felt as though she was a little jealous for my taste. She was described as beautiful so I couldn't understand why at times she appeared desperate to me. She threw herself at Nick all the time and wasn't put off by the fact that he was really rude to her at times. I thought that she deserved better than him. When she became honest about her feelings for him it was as though(in my opinion) her goals no longer mattered and all she wanted to do was be with him. This of course isn't anything bad. When you love someone at times you will feel this way but I would have loved if she would have put it aside sometimes to be logical.I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that Nick was 20(almost 21) and Bay-lee was only 16. He was a ways more experienced than her. Maybe I wouldn't have minded her age so much had she had had real concrete experience with guys, like having a real boyfriend before him and being intimate with another guy or two.( it's natural and it happens and it wouldn't make her a slut) Perhaps I would have related more to her with this detail.What I really loved about the book was the setting. It wasn't in England or the USA but New Zealand, so that was a breathe of fresh air. The action sequences were really good and full of details and excitement and there were a lot of subplots that kept the book moving along. It wasn't more or so focused on just the main threat but many, and that's what kept me reading!Sometimes i felt as though their personalities changed a lot being around each other and the game of cat and mouse wasn't really my thing, but I think the book has the potential to keep me as a future reader; With Bait and K.C.'s large arsenal of published books.